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There are eight of us sitting in a circle in a Quaker meeting house near Hammersmith. In another part of the building there is a constant hum of chatter amid the fading aromas of a delicious north African lunch. The voices are a mix, this is London after all: English, Arabic, French, Congolese and a … Read more

The New 4 Week Mindfulness Training

  If you have ever considered learning Mindfulness to help with stress, anxiety, rumination, or to get a firmer hold on this thing called life, but have found the lack of time getting in the way; then the new 4 Week Mindfulness course will be perfect for you.   This summer I will be initiating … Read more


Take back control of your thoughts and feelings.   The 3 Step Breathing Practice and Free Audio Download   This simple breathing exercise forms the basis of most meditation practices. It is designed to deliberately place your attention on what is real in your life: your breath and your body, and to give you a … Read more

Three Mindful Gifts for You

Plus, Why Mindfulness is not a fad. By Simon Heale LCSP NRHP Mindfulness Teacher and Coach Open any magazine today and the chances are you’ll come across an article about mindfulness and how it is this phenomenon, which can help many areas of your life. Our ever-diminishing bookshops are stocked high with the latest ‘best-seller’ … Read more

Sex? ……Yes please, I have a headache!

Sex?…..Yes, please, I have a headache!   A recent article in The Times weekend supplement on headaches listed the following as remedies that work: Drinking Water, Changing light bulbs Meditation and Yoga Being perfume free Relaxation practices Massage Magnesium Supplements Sex Cut out cured meats   I would agree with all of this and go … Read more

Learn Mindfulness: Introductory Workshop with Simon Heale.

at Chelsea Natural Health Clinic, 208 Fulham Rd., SW10. What is Mindfulness? How can Mindfulness and meditation help my life? If you have ever wondered what this ‘latest’ fad, called Mindfulness is and are curious about the many claims that are out there about how Mindfulness and meditation can: lower blood-pressure, reduce stress, increase productivity … Read more

Be Heart-ful, Be Mindful

by Simon Heale LCSP NRHP at Chelsea Natural Health, Fulham Road, SW10 Mindfulness Teacher and Coach Are you suffering from any of these: anxiety, stress-related conditions, work crises, family issues, hopelessness, boredom, career issues, relationship stagnation, unhelpful and damaging habits such as smoking or eating issues…..then perhaps this article could give you the space you … Read more


at Chelsea Natural Health Clinic, Fulham Road, SW10 with Simon Heale Mindfulness means simply ‘Paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment with qualities such as gentleness, curiosity and non-judgment. Learning to be mindful means living less in an auto-pilot, reactive mode and more in a responsive and aware state of … Read more

Living a Mindful Life

by Simon Heale at Chelsea Natural Health Clinic, 208 Fulham Road, SW10. You can enjoy a life which is slower, more still and equally productive You can live a rich and meaningful life You can live a life free from debilitating stress, anxiety or depression You can have a life of improved health, fulfilling relationships … Read more