Many people suffer with anxiety and depression at different levels.  People with anxiety often project into the future, and think about the ‘what if’.  Depressed people often go back to the past and think about bad things that have happened to them before, and  therefore, they might expect bad things to happen again.  Now with … Read more

Be Heart-ful, Be Mindful

  By Simon Heale LCSP NRHP Mindfulness Teacher and Coach   Are you suffering from any of these: anxiety, stress-related conditions, work crises, family issues, hopelessness, boredom, career issues, relationship stagnation, unhelpful and damaging habits such as smoking or eating issues…..then perhaps this article could give you the space you need to change what doesn’t … Read more


at Chelsea Natural Health Clinic, Fulham Road, SW10 with Simon Heale Mindfulness means simply ‘Paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment with qualities such as gentleness, curiosity and non-judgment. Learning to be mindful means living less in an auto-pilot, reactive mode and more in a responsive and aware state of … Read more

Living a Mindful Life

by Simon Heale at Chelsea Natural Health Clinic, 208 Fulham Road, SW10. You can enjoy a life which is slower, more still and equally productive You can live a rich and meaningful life You can live a life free from debilitating stress, anxiety or depression You can have a life of improved health, fulfilling relationships … Read more

Learn Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

with Simon Heale at Chelsea Natural Health Clinic, 208 Fulham Road, SW10. ‘You cant stop the waves, but you can learn to surf’ Learn Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction I am excited to announce that I am now able to offer MBSR trainings at Chelsea Natural Health Clinic. MBSR is the standard 8 part structured process … Read more

Take charge of stress, anxiety, smoking, weight confidence, motivation, sleep issues, health, wealth, succes, happiness and yourself.

by Simon Heale at Chelsea Natural Health Clinic, Fulham Rd, SW10 As a Hypnotherapist, Bodyworker and Coach, I am committed to helping anyone who wants to make changes in their life, improvements, to increase their levels of health, wealth and vitality. At Chelsea Natural Health Clinic you can: Finally quit smoking permanently with my SMOKE … Read more

Homeopaths offer alternative help for menopause symptoms

by Dr Janeth Romero de Martinez, Medical Homeopath at Chelsea Natural Health Clinic, Fulham Rd, SW10 As a new study (Women’s mid-life health experiences in urban UK ) puts British women at the top of the list for suffering symptoms of menopause, (Ward T, Scheid V, Tuffrey V. an international comparison, Climacteric, 2010; reports that … Read more