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is based almost opposite the Chelsea and Westminster hospital on the Fulham Road in Chelsea, we are home to a large collection of dedicated, experienced and talented practitioners (we aren't sure what the collective noun is for a group of practitioners, but please feel free to make suggestions). We have too many different therapies to list in this section, but to name a few how about Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Sports Therapy, many different types of massage, Shiatsu, Reiki, Podiatry and Chiropody, Hypnotherapy, Counselling / Psychotherapy and Nutritional Therapy. A full list is available here.

We are open 7 days a week, from 9am - 8pm weekdays and 9am - 6pm at weekends. Please do browse the site but do feel free to call us on 0207 352 3087 if you have any questions.Our goal is to provide to the highest standards, a comprehensive portfolio of complementary, holistic and natural health care treatments to our clients in Fulham, Chelsea, London and the rest of the, well whole wide world.


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What does the smell of your body odour say about you?

Did you know that body odour scents are often a reflection of our health and the changes in smells can show a disturbance in our physical or mental wellbeing according to Chinese Medicine. 

The scent of a patient can give a practitioner clues as to how the patient’s internal organs are functioning! For example a rancid smell could signify an imbalance in the Liver & Gall Bladder, whereas a sickly-sweet smell (like spoiled flowers) indicates Damp and therefore a weakness of the Spleen energy.  A burnt or smokey odour is typical of a Heart imbalance, a rotten-smelling body odour suggest trouble in the Lungs & Large Intestine energy and a putrid scent (like ammonia or sea water) is connected to dysfunction of the Kidneys. 

The Ancient Chinese Medical System is so incredibly clever, it had spotted these connections thousands of years ago! Just as the smokey scent of a Heart imbalance ties in with the Fire element of the Heart, so does the sea water aroma link to the Water element of a Kidney disharmony.

Certain foods such as asparagus, lettuce and pumpkin can drain Damp and aid the Spleen, foods with warm, nourishing properties can restore the Kidneys, whilst avoiding spicy, greasy, hot foods and alcohol will give your Liver a break. It sounds very obvious but fresh air really will strengthen the Lung energy and managing stress and emotions will ensure your Heart (which houses the Mind) will be kept happy.

It is empowering to understand what your body is trying to communicate to you and ways in which you can take charge of your health. Acupuncture is an effective way to keep your mind and body in balance, improve your mood, boost your immune system and raise your energy.

Alexandra  works in Fulham SW10 London every Thursday& at other times by request.

 For more information or to make an appointment please do not hesitate to get in touch on  0781 440 4249  or Email Alexandra

 You can also follow me on Instagram @alexandraacupuncture for healthcare tips.



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Somewhere to Settle


There are eight of us sitting in a circle in a quaker meeting house near Hammersmith. In another part of the building there is a constant hum of chatter amid the fading aromas of a delicious north African lunch. The voices are a mix, this is London after all: English, Arabic, French, Congolese and a few more.

In our room we are all silent, waiting for the session to begin, waiting to just breathe and to perhaps find a way to put aside the worries that exist for all the participants. Six of the eight are refugees, we are in the West London Welcome centre. The session is a meditation and mindfulness class.

The centre, established by Joanne MacInnes and Seema Alibhai, offers a day of respite, education, advice, activities and really good food to people who find themselves here in London, from Syria, the DRC, Eastern Europe. They are all waiting, waiting for their cases to be processed. For some this is 2 years and for others it is as much as five.

My class is intended to be a pause, a literal breathing space, a chance to press the pause button of our day to day travails. Not to solve, I say, but to watch them and perhaps to begin to change our relationship with them. The theme for today is ‘Settling’. It comes in the form of a self-query, as much of my teaching and practices do, to ask ourselves if we can settle as we sit, breathe and observe our immediate experiences: our thoughts, feelings and physical sensations. This is mindful awareness, breathing and watching, it is the basis of a meditative practice.

I excuse my poor French and non-existent Arabic and along with English, start to use gestures and a great visual aid to demonstrate this settling technique. This resonates with all of them, reminding me of our creative potential, our childs-mind as the Buddhists would say. Their eyes close gently and I offer them the possibility of just observing thoughts, feelings and the body as it is now, and then to allow all of this to settle like dust while we settle our minds on our breathing for five minutes. We then open our eyes and notice a change in the room, a palpable stillness. There is no rush to do anything, nothing to achieve I tell them. We discuss the practice and any issues arising, what the word Settle means to everyone. some speak, some just sit and listen. The idea or ideal, I say, is if our lives are currently in upheaval, areas out of our control, if we are needing some stability then perhaps we can give this to ourselves in five minute practices. We can this take this sense of being settled, of calmness into whatever needs dealing with next. A few nods, a few quizzical looks. I say please don’t believe me, just try it.
We practice again, and another three short times, layering the language and experiences each time, until by the final one, we have a real sense of stillness and hopefully a greater awareness of our immediate experiences: thoughts, feelings and senses. I close the class with a short check-out, asking them not to disappear as there is a Yoga class to follow. The door opens and we are flooded with the din of people moving from the other activities, to getting hotdrinks and nibbles. Volunteers, staff and the guests themselves. People who have found themselves displaced, a long way from the home and life they knew, looking to find a little piece of certainty.

The centre strives to provide them with a haven for a day. I hope my class gives them, even for 30 minutes, the tranquillity they deserve.

I will be running the next 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction courses in September 2018. In preparation for that I will be putting on some short taster classes for anyone curious to learn how to settle within a busy, frantic life.

To apply for the next taster or for the 8 week courses please email me here:  Email Simon

Simon Heale is a Mindfulness Teacher, Sports and Remedial Therapist.

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Improve your Sleep with Acupuncture 😴

There is a reason that you may feel as if you are falling apart after being up all night long, – it’s because you are! Kind of literally!….Hormones that get you through your daily activities, namely Cortisol – make your body breakdown and use its resources to go hunting, foraging or nesting (or nowadays commute, work and function in the modern world). All our body’s maintenance and repair work is suppressed all day long so we can keep on going, it isn’t until we are asleep that these processes kick in to repair the damage. So by the time we reach bedtime we actually are disintegrating!

The Growth Hormone rules by night, nerve pathways that were closed by day now open up and the intense repair of inflammation commences. Did you know that if we were to be awake during this process it would actually feel painful?! The body’s nightly healing and restoration is vital for good health. 

The importance of good quality sleep is not underestimated in TCM. Sleep is seen as part of the natural rhythm of yin and yang in the body.

When we sleep, yin is the dominant force in the body. While during the day, when we are active, yang dominates. Insomnia is a sign of a disruption to one’s natural rhythm of yin and yang. Acupuncture helps restore good quality sleep to those with disrupted sleep patterns by addressing a huge host of sleep issues. 

The following are some all too common complaints that acupuncture sessions can help with to return good quality sleep to you:

-night sweats

-night terrors

-dream disturbed sleep

-needing to get up in the night to urinate (nocturia)

-restlessness (mind and/or body)

-worrying before bed

-inability to fall asleep quickly 

-difficulty ‘switching off’

-waking up in the night and unable to fall back to sleep

Please get in touch if you have an issue that is affecting your sleep and would like more information. 💤

Email Alexandra or call  0781 440 4249  

 You can also follow me on Instagram @alexandraacupuncture for healthcare tips.



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