David Bertrand

Qualified and experienced Energy Healing Practitioner – Also called Magnetiseur in France.     

at Chelsea Natural Health Clinic, Fulham Road SW10

David Bertrand Energy Healing Practitioner Magnetiseur chelsea


David treats a variety of presentation from skin problems (for example shingles, eczema) 

to old injuries that does not seem to heal ever and general body pain or issues.


Professional Background

David came across Magnétisme/Energy Healing when as a teenager, he suffered from recurrent and severe chronic sinusitis. Further to many unsuccessful consultations with a variety of specialists within the Medical orthodox world, his parents decided to visit a local magnétisme/energy healer who cured David’ sinusitis in one session only.

Further to this personal experience with magnétisme/energy healing, David developed an interest about this healing art. Soon he realised that he also had this very specific gift – the main sign being his constant feeling of warmth in his hands – to the point that that he never needed to wear gloves when skiing.

Ever since, David has been working on developing his gift and has trained intensively with a well know French Magnetiseur called Jean Francois Dufournet in France.

Today David feels extremely grateful to be able to help people with their pain and issues in a non-invasive and safe way.

Not a week passes without positive testimonials flooding his mailbox.


”’Magnétisme” is a French healing technique which has been successfully used to heal ailments for centuries.  It is currently booming in France, where many hospitals and doctors now even advise patients to see to help them recover.

You can find out more by reading the following articles

Some say it is a natural gift and most practitioners start doing it naturally on their friends and family then go for a training to improve their technique and experience. Some discover their gift early in life while others discover it later on.

Human body is traversed by magnetic fluid, also called Chi in the Chinese medicine.
Energy fluid traffic imbalances and generates various illness, pains, physical, psychological, and physiological problems. This energy healing technique aims to rid the body of accumulated stress and promotes healing. A Magnétisme practitioner is someone who helps you regulate the energy flow of your fluid and restore your balance to boost healing.

Magnétisme is a very powerful energy healing technique that is very efficient against pain in general. physical, psychological and skin problems. It relaxes and treats equally the body and mind, leaving patients feeling deeply relaxed and calm.

Because this technique promotes the flow and balance of energy, it combats tiredness and sickness by keeping the energy levels high.

Magnétisme is very effective in the treatment of pain and bodily inflammation.


  • Body pain and inflammation in general
  • Old injuries that are still hurting
  • Back pain, neck pain, arm pain, muscle pain
  • Sciatica
  • Skin problems (Eczema, shingles, psoriasis)
  • Stomach problems
  • Stress due to work and family, traumatic experience (such as bereavement, divorce and separation)
  • Anxiety, negative thinking
  • Low energy, tiredness
  • Post surgery / chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment, it will ease the side effects and boost your energy for a better recovery.
  • And many others.

If you are unsure whether this type of treatment can help you, please do not hesitate to contact David to discuss if this is something he can help you with.

David Bertrand
  • Price: £75 for 60 minutes


Between 1 and 4 sessions depending on the presentations.

You can also rebook MOT appointments to rebalance the energy in the body to prevent tiredness and sickness.


Laetitia G.

I had eczema on my foot for months. I first went to my G.P but the treatment ( based on cortisone) was not really efficient . 

A friend of mine introduced me to David.

After only one session I saw a big improvement.

After 2 days the sensation of burn disappeared, it was less red and it started to dry .

With only one session David managed to sort out my eczema . Many thanks.




Deborah S.

“Having suffered pain in my right foot for many months , just one session with David and his ability to use energy and magnetism healing I now am happy to say I have no pain , remarkable experience would recommend David to anyone in pain “

Magali G.

I developed a Seroma (fluid build-up) shortly after my breast cancer surgery in February 2017. After weeks of great discomfort caused by this severe swelling under my armpit, I lost hope it will settle down despite 3 interventions of my surgeon to syringe the fluid. Aware it could take months to go away, I turned to a more holistic approach and pay for one hour session with David Bertrand. I was not expected a miracle but some kind of relief. The result was astonishing. 24 hours later the swelling decreased to a half, 5 days after it was gone! I could then fully recover my arm mouvement. The medical team was speechless. Where medicine failed, David succeeded and I cannot thank him enough for it.

Fabien L.M

David came to me through a friend. I suffered a partial rupture of my Achilles tendon last year and started consulting with a physio. Surgery was not required. However, after a few sessions I was still in pain and could not even jog for 10 yards. I was slightly sceptical about meeting David as I was not familiar with his technique, or gift rather. He explained the process to me calmly and precisely, and proceeded with treating my Achilles. I felt the heat over my ankle right away and felt some waves lengths. He focused on it for 20 minutes. I did not think much of it when I left the session. In the evening, I went for my active walk by the river, and decided to jog to see how my tendon felt. I jogged for 40′ without pain. The next session at the physio was pain free, and even my fatigue level dropped. I keep strengthening my tendon, and the pain has gone.


I went through surgery last year to have my gallbladder removed after a year of constant pain due to inflammation. A few month after surgery, the pain suddenly came back. I had number of test done such as MRI and ultrasound and the doctors told me that the pain was likely to be caused by the clip the surgeon had used to seal the bill ducts and which is probably also squeezing a nerve or a blood vessel. The pain was on an off and there was not much i could do. Magnetism is a quite a well-known practice in France and i had heard about David and his gift. I only needed one session with him, he put his hands over the liver area and i immediately felt the transfer of heat / energy through my body. 24hrs later the pain was gone and 6 months later it has still not come back.

Pauline R.

I had 2 sessions of magnetism healing with David for persistent tiredness of my eyes, although I was a bit skeptical about the efficiency of this method, I was quickly convinced by this method and his real gift. I will strongly recommend it.”


Earlier this year, I had a very long and painful ear infection, had tinnitus and could not hear normally. I went to see David and I must say I was very sceptical in magnetism healing.

After only one session and 2 days the pain was lower and 4 days later I could hear again normally and did not have tinnitus anymore.

David has really helped me to get rid of the pain and the hearing challenges in one session. I could only recommend to go and see him.


” I have had a few sessions with David and found them to be working wonders on me. After having chemo and radiotherapy for a colon cancer, I have been using David’s energy healing services. I feel my discomfort has reduced and feel more energised and relaxed.”


” Hi David, the pain in the knee, ribs and upper chest has gone which is excellent. Thank you.”

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