Diet for Life

How do you know what kind of ‘Diet for Life’ will give you your best possible chance for fantastic health and happiness? There are millions of books to read and specialists to follow – but how do you know that what they are promoting is exactly what your body needs?  We know that we are … Read more Diet for Life


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Special Summer-Time offers to make you feel like you are on holidays

  Special Summer-Time offers to make you feel like you are on holidays from Halina High Special number 1:  Enjoy an extra half hour for only £20! Book either an hour of massage or reflexology and then add on an extra half an hour of something different.  Try half an hour of facial rejuvenation massage, … Read more Special Summer-Time offers to make you feel like you are on holidays


  What does the smell of your body odour say about you? Did you know that body odour scents are often a reflection of our health and the changes in smells can show a disturbance in our physical or mental wellbeing according to Chinese Medicine.  The scent of a patient can give a practitioner clues … Read more ‘BO’

Somewhere to Settle

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There are eight of us sitting in a circle in a quaker meeting house near Hammersmith. In another part of the building there is a constant hum of chatter amid the fading aromas of a delicious north African lunch. The voices are a mix, this is London after all: English, Arabic, French, Congolese and a … Read more Somewhere to Settle


  Improve your Sleep with Acupuncture 😴 There is a reason that you may feel as if you are falling apart after being up all night long, – it’s because you are! Kind of literally!….Hormones that get you through your daily activities, namely Cortisol – make your body breakdown and use its resources to go … Read more SLEEP EASY 

What is the difference between Massage and Shiatsu? Have you been wondering?

  I thought I would share this article to explain the difference between having a massage and receiving Shiatsu therapy. With massage, you are mostly naked and in some cases oils are used. You may go in with a particular issue you wish treated out or you go merely to relax with the intention of … Read more What is the difference between Massage and Shiatsu? Have you been wondering?

Warm Ginger Pear ‘Smooth-Tea’

  A warm smoothie? You read it right! I’ve given a smoothie a winter makeover to soothe your soul and warm your immune system at the same time! INGREDIENTS       1 pears, chopped      1 thumb-sized piece of ginger, peeled      2 tbsp hemp seeds      1 tsp maple syrup      2 tsp … Read more Warm Ginger Pear ‘Smooth-Tea’

Acupuncture for Sleep Problems

by Eva Zivcakova, Acupuncturist BSc(Hons)     As we all know a good night sleep is irreplaceable. After a deep, nourishing sleep we wake up feeling refreshed, alert, feeling and looking good and perform well during the day. If we were to follow our natural body clock we would aim to go to sleep before … Read more Acupuncture for Sleep Problems

Acupuncture for Acid Reflux

Acupuncture has proven to be successful in treating acid reflux.   Gastro-oesophageal reflux (GERD or GORD) is a common relapsing condition caused by weakness of cardiac valve/sphincter which as a result of its weakness cannot close properly. This causes exposure of the lower oesophagus to refluxed gastric fluids.   From chinese medicine point of view, … Read more Acupuncture for Acid Reflux