What does the smell of your body odour say about you?

Did you know that body odour scents are often a reflection of our health and the changes in smells can show a disturbance in our physical or mental wellbeing according to Chinese Medicine. 

The scent of a patient can give a practitioner clues as to how the patient’s internal organs are functioning! For example a rancid smell could signify an imbalance in the Liver & Gall Bladder, whereas a sickly-sweet smell (like spoiled flowers) indicates Damp and therefore a weakness of the Spleen energy.  A burnt or smokey odour is typical of a Heart imbalance, a rotten-smelling body odour suggest trouble in the Lungs & Large Intestine energy and a putrid scent (like ammonia or sea water) is connected to dysfunction of the Kidneys. 

The Ancient Chinese Medical System is so incredibly clever, it had spotted these connections thousands of years ago! Just as the smokey scent of a Heart imbalance ties in with the Fire element of the Heart, so does the sea water aroma link to the Water element of a Kidney disharmony.

Certain foods such as asparagus, lettuce and pumpkin can drain Damp and aid the Spleen, foods with warm, nourishing properties can restore the Kidneys, whilst avoiding spicy, greasy, hot foods and alcohol will give your Liver a break. It sounds very obvious but fresh air really will strengthen the Lung energy and managing stress and emotions will ensure your Heart (which houses the Mind) will be kept happy.

It is empowering to understand what your body is trying to communicate to you and ways in which you can take charge of your health. Acupuncture is an effective way to keep your mind and body in balance, improve your mood, boost your immune system and raise your energy.

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