Acupuncture for Sleep Problems

by Eva Zivcakova, Acupuncturist BSc(Hons)



As we all know a good night sleep is irreplaceable. After a deep, nourishing sleep we wake up feeling refreshed, alert, feeling and looking good and perform well during the day.

If we were to follow our natural body clock we would aim to go to sleep before midnight, preferably at 10pm to make sure we are already asleep between 11pm and 1am. The time between 11.00pm and 1.00am is the best time of the day for deep sleep and rejuvenation, it is also known as ‘Beauty Sleep’. During this time human body is at its most capable to preserve its energy, relax, soothe and allow for the deepest rest to occur.

Many important healing and restorative functions in body take place during sleep – physiological processes slow down, muscles and organs relax, liver builds and synthesizes, there is less adrenaline pumping through veins, blood pressure falls, muscle cells grow and regenerate, injuries heal, hormones are secreted…

However, many people suffer from sleep problems which can range from difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep – waking up during the night, or inability to sleep at all.

The insufficiency of sleep makes us feel not only tired and irritable but also unable to function properly during the day which can negatively affect our professional and personal lives. We can turn to medications, alcohol or even drugs to help us to deal with the problem but these often only make things worse in the long run.

Furthermore chronic sleep problems weaken our immune system making us prone to fall ill more easily.

If you suffer from sleeping problems acupuncture can be an excellent option to help you.

From classical acupuncture point of view, the cause of sleep problems is different for different people. Acupuncture treats sleep problems from holistic point of view and as such takes into account person as a whole being and understands their unique constitution. Once the imbalance in the body which is causing the sleep problem is pin-pointed, acupuncturist then works on re-balancing the body-mind.  This allows for a true healing on a deep level to take place.


by Eva Zivcakova Acupuncturist Bsc (Hons)

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