The New 4 Week Mindfulness Training


If you have ever considered learning Mindfulness to help with stress, anxiety, rumination, or to get a firmer hold on this thing called life, but have found the lack of time getting in the way; then the new 4 Week Mindfulness course will be perfect for you.


This summer I will be initiating my new 4 Week Mindfulness course which gives you the core practices and insights of the standard 8 week MBSR in half the class time. The course is spread over 8-10 weeks enabling more time for practice and the cultivation of the necessary skills and awareness in changing relationships with Thoughts, Feelings and Physical Sensations.


I will be holding free taster sessions over the summer at the clinic for anyone interested in Mindfulness and to get a sense of what the courses involve and how Mindfulness can truly re-shape your life.


To book a place on a free taster please email me here

or call me on 07932 393972

For more information on Mindfulness Courses and Simons treatments click below
Simon Heale
Mindfulness Teacher
Sports and Remedial Therapist

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