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Week One

Stretch of the Week: Hip Flexor and Quadricep Stretch

Hip Flexor Stretch…..and blue shorts

With marathon training programmes in full swing as well as the post Christmas exercise drives, the stretch of the week is the standing quad stretch. The quadriceps are the largest muscle group we have and generally get over-loaded as we push the weights, lunges, biking and running, and if you add to that the amount of sitting we do, these muscles can tighten up and could present us with various painful symptoms. Sore, clicky knees, painful hips, lower back pain can all be attributed to tight quads and hip flexors.

Watch this Video of my shorts…and a good stretch

The standing quad and hip flexor stretch can be done anytime, anywhere and if you are in the middle of an intense training should be done as much as possible, as all you need is a chair, bench or rock.

Next week ill be showing you how to ice massage your pains away……brrrrrrr.

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