Acupuncture can treat hay fever



Hay fever is an allergic condition manifesting as sneezing, itchy eyes and a runny nose. It affects its sufferers anytime from spring to late autumn due to allergic reaction to tree, grass or weed pollen.

Western medicine currently does not have a cure for hay fever and offers medications – antihistamins and corticosteroids to only relieve the symptoms by reducing swelling and inflammation. However these medications do not solve the problem and if anything only push the pathology deeper into the system.


Energetically, in hay fever body is inappropriately reacting to normal proteins creating heat in the system followed by reaction of cooling, i.e. watery discharge.   When treated with acupuncture, the hypersensitive energy reacting to proteins in a wrong way and causing allergic reactions is calmed down and soothed back to normal. The hypersensitivity occurs due to the weakness in Liver and Kidney energy which with acupuncture is strengthen and nourished. After several treatments, often hay fever is completely, or at least to a large extent, solved.

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