Spring Shiatsu Tips



In Shiatsu terms SPRING responds to the element of WOOD in the 5-element cycle and is linked with growth and pushing upwards and outwards. It’s all about fresh new beginnings, the start of new projects and beginnings of life.


When our WOOD energy is balanced and flowing we feel full of energy and bounce, especially in the mornings, we have lots of energy to start new projects, we are flexible and creative and able to see round problems and are not afraid of new things. We have a good sense of humour and enjoy having fun with our friends and family.

So if you’re feeling a bit stiff, frustrated or stuck with decision making, your WOOD energy may not be flowing freely. So be gentle on yourself it may be the frustration of the season trying to burst forth within you.

Here are a few tips that may help you stay balanced: start planning for the summer, get organised, write some lists, set clear goals, spend time on self reflection, be spontaneous & creative, avoid rich foods and late nights, take long walks in nature or start gardening.

Remember not to take yourself too seriously; laughter is a great help in problem solving.


Here’s a quick exercise to help relieve any stuck WOOD energy. It will help improve your flexibility in minutes! Give it a try!


  1. Bend forward to touch your toes, and make a note of how far forward you can go.
  2. Then massage liver meridian on insides of legs, press really hard for about a minute. Yes it can really hurt but keep going it’ll be worth it!
  3. Bend forward again, and compare
  4. Marvel at how much further you’ve gone!


Spring is a season of celebration, a time to let free your creativity & playfulness, so have some fun and enjoy a spring in each step today.

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