Acupuncture for back pain and spine problems


Acupuncture works with the energy flow within the human body which is necessary for vibrant health. In treating back pain acupuncture provides soothing properties to strengthen the system and releases natural anti-inflammatory properties into the area of discomfort.

Back pain is a common ailment which can affect people at any age. It can occur in upper, middle, lower or sacral part of the back and can manifest as acute or chronic pain.

Acute back pain is often caused by muscle strain, ligament sprain, minor injury or pinched nerve. Treating this kind of pain with acupuncture is extremely effective and it usually takes only couple of treatments to soothe the pain completely.

Chronic back pain can be caused by torn ligaments and tendons due to injuries, inflammatory conditions affecting fascia, ankylosing spondylitis, hereditary weakness, weakness of internal organs – most specifically kidneys and liver, sciatica and by pressed nerves from herniated discs.  Other causes include stress, viral infection or kidney infection.

As with acute pain, acupuncture is highly effective also in addressing chronic back pain. It gently strengthens the underlying weakness of the body which allowed for the discomfort to manifest, and soothes the specific area which generates the pain.

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