What is Shiatsu& Japanese Bodywork?

by Jan Murphy MRSS at Chelsea Natural Health Clinic, Fulham Rd., SW10

Shiatsu works with the body showing how it can be – without pain and  without discomfort. Being aware of the body is the first, very  important step that you take away from just one session with me. Oriental medicine studies the flow of ki in the body. Meridians are the channels through which ki moves. Ki is in constant movement, and pain and disease are understood to result from blockages in the  movement of ki. When these blockages are released, ki is able to move freely and the symptoms are relieved. Frequently I am asked, “What is ki?” How can something that has no form be explained? It’s much like being asked, “What is heart or spirit?” or “What is  life?” Ki might be described as vital life energy, created by the underlying unity of heart and body. Shiatsu translates literally to ‘finger pressure’ so during a treatment you will experience this via many different techniques that I have learnt/acquired over the many years I have studied – ones that I have seen big results with.

Shiatsu works with the parasympathetic nervous system and, as it works at this depth, many dynamic changes may occur for the receiver of Shiatsu& Japanese bodywork. Patterns of behaviour which are stored in our systems for years, possibly all our lives, can have awareness brought to them. First we identify them and then work out ways of releasing them from our system/body. Shiatsu is not the therapist ‘fixing’ you, it is very much a two-way  process. The Shiatsu Practitioner shows the body a way of achieving natural homeostasis within and then you take that information away with you to work with (on a conscious or sub-conscious level).
Be empowered to help yourselves create a new way of life, a new way of  being.  Shiatsu is something that I’m deeply passionate about. I am forever its humble student.
Jan Murphy MRSS
Shiatsu Practitioner &  Bodyworker




Jan Murphy

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