Many people suffer with anxiety and depression at different levels.  People with anxiety often project into the future, and think about the ‘what if’.  Depressed people often go back to the past and think about bad things that have happened to them before, and  therefore, they might expect bad things to happen again.  Now with … Read more HOW TO MANAGE ANXIETY IN UNPREDICTABLE TIMES

Postural advice and exercises for those working from home

With many of us now having to work from home, I have already been asked to help many people suffering from neck, shoulder, mid-back and low back pain brought on by poor posture and lack of exercise. Here I hope to offer you some advice on what you can do to help prevent these types … Read more Postural advice and exercises for those working from home


The COVID 19 pandemic is affecting our ability to provide you with our usual range of services and treatments. The current situation is that some practitioners continue to work within government guidelines. These have recently been eased so that some practitioners, such as Philip Waldman (Osteopathy), Dr Deborah Ben-Shah (Chiropractic) and Julie Day (Podiatry and … Read more COVID 19 UPDATE

Shiatsu and Infertility

Infertility affects millions of couples around the world. Although there are a wide range of physiological reasons for infertility, medical treatment to foster conception can have many side effects and is typically very expensive. Because of its effectiveness, safety and affordability, Shiatsu and Auricular Acupuncture are a favourable option for a growing number of men … Read more Shiatsu and Infertility