Medical herbalism with Charles Powell

Western herbal medicine has a history of thousands of years and remains the most widely practised form of medicine worldwide with 80% of the world’s population relying on it for primary healthcare. Herbal medicine treats the whole person, addressing the underlying cause rather than using conventional medicine which suppress symptoms. As a result the side effects associated with drugs can be avoided.

Welcome to Chelsea Natural Health Clinic SW10

Based in the bright, modern, caring and peaceful setting that is 208 Fulham Road, Chelsea, SW10 (right on the border of SW3, SW7 and SW5) we, as an extensive team of practitioners, aim to provide the best care we possibly can. Many years of experience reside under our roof and we believe passionately in nature knowing best and in the bodies intrinsic ability to regulate and heal itself. We believe wholeheartedly that disease comes from the overburdening of our systems and the suppression of our bodies natural defence mechanisms.