Tackle Sleepless Nights With Hypnotherapy

and the Sleep Easy Download or CD by Simon Heale of Chelsea Natural Health, Fulham Rd, SW10

Sleep is the time for your entire system, mind and body, to re-boot. Sleep is natures time to provide every part of the body with vital nutrients and nourishment to heal, recover and replenish.

Our natural pharmacy is the brain, and through regular patterns of sleep, the brain is enabled to carry out the vital maintenance work needed for our busy, stressful lives.

Persistent stress, insidious pressure can lead to the mind resembling a roulette wheel, constantly turning, going over and over things that need to be done, have been done and usually should have been done.

Constant stress keeps us in Fight or Flight mode. Our minds and bodies are unable to switch off at night. Sleep is lost.

There are many ways to deal with pressure and stress, admitting it needs dealing with is the start, taking action is the next step.

A session of hypnotherapy will begin the vital process of calming the mind, relaxing the body, creating clarity around tasks, and teaching important techniques to recognise and deal with symptoms.

Along with hypnosis, My Sleep Easy audio download or cd has been designed to still the mind, to shelve the daily issues, to calm the stretched nervous system, to ease you into a reviving nights sleep, time after time.

Listen to a sample here (please go to page 2 of 3 for the Sleep Easy album recordings)


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