Stress in the Workplace and Shiatsu

by Jan Murphy MRSS from Chelsea Natural Health Clinic, Fulham Rd, SW10

“In the UK it is estimated that work-related stress is responsible for six million days of sick leave a year, with stress being linked to many minor and major illnesses.” – BUPA’s Health Information TeamCorporate companies and organisations are becoming increasingly aware of their employees health and are seeking ways to lower stress at work. An option that is becoming increasingly popular is the availability of body therapies in the workplace including Shiatsu.

Shiatsu is one of the most practical forms of body work for the corporate environment as it can be carried out with the receiver fully clothed at their desk or on a mat on the floor. No oils are necessary so the receiver can resume working with no fuss or mess.

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu Massage is a traditional healing art developed in Japan a century ago based on traditional 3000-year-old Chinese medicine. It combines massage,  stretching, physical manipulation and pressure along channels called meridians (also used for acupuncture).

During my probationary period as a Shiatsu Therapist for the past 3 years, I have  noticed that Shiatsu can assist an individual with their self-development and self-healing; promoting health and strengthening the body’s own immune system and healing ability.

Shiatsu is regulated as a licensed medical  therapy with the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Japan.

How Shiatsu can help your productivity

Shiatsu treatments  promote clarity of thought and creativity – helping in decision making, especially important in times of stress or transition.

Shiatsu can help in  letting go of physical and emotional stresses and tension, holding and  stretching techniques help muscles relax, heart beat to slow down, anxiety  reduce and the mood lift.

Shiatsu provides a clear process for working with and managing change.

Shiatsu can  offer a different perspective on illness which the client can make sense of and supports physical calming and relaxation of the nervous system without any side effects.

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