Reflexology for Hay Fever

by Adriana Pop at Chelsea Natural Health Clinic, Fulham Rd, London, SW10

Hay fever is a very common condition which affects 20% of the population, typically between March and August.

The symptoms are caused by an allergic reaction to pollen and are very similar to a cold including runny nose, headaches, watery itchy eyes and sneezing attacks. When the pollen enters the body of a hay fever sufferer the immune system overreacts by producing histamine that triggers the symptoms of an allergic reaction.

Reflexology offers a very effective alternative to antihistamines or eye drops without the drowsy side effects.

Reflexology increases blood flow and improves the circulation of oxygen and nutrients around the body. By applying pressure to the toes and fingers, which are linked directly to the head, sinuses and eyes, reflexology helps relieve the symptoms of hay fever. The adrenal reflex is also stimulated which reduces inflammation, helping you to breath more easily.  Over the season, hay fever sufferers also have a build up of toxins in the body and weakened immunity. Reflexology applied to specific areas on the sole and heel of the foot encourages toxin release and gives a much needed boost to the immune system.

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Adriana Pop

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