Here at Chelsea Natural Health we have a number of practitioners that may be able to offer you some help. Please find below some introductory information and links through the the individual practitioner’s pages so you can read more. National Fertility Week runs from 28th October to 3rd of November.  You will find a lot of specialist knowledge at the Fertility Show at Olympia on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd November.


For nearly a quarter of people there may be no obvious physiological reason for their fertility problems. This is known as ‘unexplained infertility’.

As a clinical hypnotherapist, I help people overcome this diagnosis by getting them to believe that they do have the ability to conceive.  Perhaps, helping them tap into their subconscious to clear any deeper blocks.  These could include their feelings about their relationship, or their ability to be good parents, or how much they want to bring a child into the world.  (This could relate to their own upbringing).  Other blocks could be unhealthy lifestyle or feelings of guilt.   The underlying theme of hypnosis is calmness confidence and relaxation coupled with self-belief and good self-image.  This can help the couples separately or jointly feel more relaxed and trust themselves and their partners.

For more information please read this post by Sue Turner, Clinical Hypnotherapist at Chelsea Natural Health


Acupuncture for fertility and conception

Eva Zivcakova

Acupuncture works with energy, known as ‘qi’ which flows through three-dimensional energy pathways covering and intersecting human body.

Acupuncturist directs the flow of qi by needling carefully selected acupuncture points, giving body signals to bring about desired results.

In this way, acupuncture treatments have proven to be very effective in promoting male and female fertility, regulating woman’s cycle, enhancing natural conception and supporting IVF treatments with a high rate of healthy pregnancies.

When promoting natural conception or IVF implantation, apart from holistic balancing and strengthening of body’s energies, acupuncturist needles specific acupuncture points which generate a strong surge of energy into the ovaries at the correct time of woman’s cycle.

When applied correctly, acupuncture can indeed highly increase chances for successful natural conception and IVF implantation.

(For more information please contact acupuncturist Eva Zivcakova.)

Gavin Han PhD. MSc BSc

For helping you have your lovely children, I will discuss your individual needs and will support you in every way, lifestyle, exercise, nutrition and fertility chart. I will put together a personalised treatment program that combines Chinese herbal remedy and acupuncture with the latest Western medical knowledge.

For more information please contact Gavin Han