Eva Zivcakova

Eva Zivcakova, Registered Acupuncturist BSc (Hons) in Chelsea at Chelsea Natural Health Clinic, Fulham Rd, SW10. 

Classical – Stems and Branches Acupuncture at Chelsea Natural Health Clinic


About Eva’s work

I am a fully qualified and insured classical Stems and Branches acupuncturist and a member of The Acupuncture Society which is a professional body of acupuncture practitioners in the UK.

As such, I adhere to strict confidentiality and highest standards of cleanliness, safety and compliance with hygiene.

Acupuncture can successfully help to treat a wide range of physical and psycho-emotional conditions while attending to the root of an imbalance, taking into consideration the whole body-mind-spirit of a person.

My aim when treating my patients – adults and children, is to treat the whole person and attend to the cause of the presenting imbalance.

Stems and Branches style of classical acupuncture takes into account precise constitution of each person which makes treatments for each and every person very unique – balancing and strengthening their own energies on physical and psycho-emotional level.

This style of treatment has proven to be highly effective in addressing the underlying cause of the presenting health problem. It allows for a holistic and in-depth healing of a person and their health imbalance to take place.

I am deeply passionate about my work and about helping my patients to return back to health.

What is acupuncture

Acupuncture is a powerful ancient system of healing used to restore physical and psycho-emotional health and enhance well-being. It originated in ancient China and dates back 5000 years.

Acupuncture works with energy which flows through the body in three-dimensional channels known as meridians. Meridians can be compared to the flow of rivers invigorating and nourishing the earth they cross.

Meridians connect internal organs with the rest of the physical body parts: skin, flesh, ligaments, bones, limbs, sensory organs and orifices. They govern physical as well as emotional and spiritual aspect of human being.

By stimulating acupuncture points located on meridians on the skin, diseases in the superficial tissues as well as in internal organs can be treated. Stimulating correct energy pathways and energy points therefore allow for thorough healing of the body-mind-spirit to take place.

Treatment aims to assist the conditions in which harmonious functioning restores itself and to strengthen the person’s general health and well-being.

Acupuncture does not interfere with Western medical treatment – on the contrary, it provides a welcome complement to it and the recovery time for any illness is often shortened.

Acupuncture works naturally, as nature intended. It re-adjusts the distorted harmony in the body and mind and allows one to flourish back to their full health all without any medications.



I have gained a degree in acupuncture at International College of Oriental Medicine (Greenwich University) in East Grinstead. Since then I have regularly attended CPD courses and seminars in classical Stems and Branches acupuncture in the UK and abroad.

Pediatrics – seminar with J. Duveen, Den Dolder, Netherlands

Pulse diagnosis – 5 days seminar with J. Duveen, Baarn, Netherlands

Stems and Branches postgraduate course – 2 years postgraduate training with J. Duveen, Baarn, Netherlands

Facial holistic acupuncture – with Rob Hughes and Kirsten Germann, East Grinstead, UK

Pulse diagnosis – 3 day seminar with J. Duveen, East Grinstead, UK

Stems and Branches post-graduate course – with J. Duveen, Baarn, Netherlands

Introduction seminar to trigrams, hexagrams and acupuncture – with J. Duveen, Soesterberg, Netherlands

Typology 10 Great Movements & 10 Heavenly Stems – with J. Duveen, Forrest Row, UK

Acusilk – with G. Hussey, East Grinstead, UK

Lunar Mansions – with P. van Kervel, East Grinstead, UK

East meets West: Western pathology through the eyes of Classical Chinese Medicine – extensive post graduate course with P. van Kervel, East Grinstead, UK

Degree in Acupuncture BSc (Hons) – International College of Oriental Medicine (ICOM), (Greenwich University), East Grinstead, UK


Adults: £65 per acupuncture treatment (60-75 mins session)

Children (0-16 years old): £30 per acupuncture treatment (15-30 mins session)

Frequency and number of treatments very much depends on each individual – their constitution, health condition and seriousness of their diagnosis.

Acute health problems require fewer and more frequent treatments as opposed to chronic problems.


Eva is available Friday, Saturday & Sunday

To book appointment call Eva directly on: 07903 806463 or

Email Eva



Eva Zivcakova
Eva is available Friday, Saturday & Sunday

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