Shiatsu for Pregnancy & Mother & Babies by Jan Murphy MRSS

Shiatsu for Pregnancy & Mother & Babies by Jan Murphy MRSS at Chelsea Natural Health Clinic, Fulham Rd., SW1o.

Shiatsu for pregnancy….
* Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing and supportive treatment for the mother-to-be at any stage of pregnancy.

* It helps ease muscular discomfort and back pain, low energy and relieve symptoms of morning sickness, caused by growth and hormonal changes during pregnancy.

* Shiatsu may also help increase the mother’s body awareness during this time, and help bond with the baby in the womb.

* Shiatsu  is an ideal, safe treatment right through to the birth itself.

Other benefits of Shiatsu during pregnancy include….

* relaxation
* feeling of wellness
* assist in becoming more aware of changes in body
* helps bond with baby
* aids optimal positioning of baby (including breech)
* more likely to have a “normal” labour
* pain relieve during the labour
* help naturally and gently to induce the baby when the due date has arrived and baby is ready to be born

Postnatal Shiatsu….

* during the postnatal period Shiatsu can support the mother’s energy, physical wellbeing and help to integrate into the new stage of life

* first few months mother and baby are connected so generally said, if the mother is happy, than baby is happy too

* Changes in the body after giving birth are as dramatic as pregnancy itself and this can be very demanding time physically and emotionally. You will be finding your way in your new role as a parent at the same time as recovering from the birth.

* By applying very gentle restorative Shiatsu, energy level can return more quickly. It also provides a vital period of peace and reflection that aids healing Most babies enjoy lying next to mum during Shiatsu, and  the session can be paused while you feed, cuddle or change the nappy

* Benefits of postnatal Shiatsu

o relaxation and calm
o eases postnatal depression
o supports and encourages breastfeeding
o boots energy levels
o better circulation

* Mother and baby can come for Shiatsu together.

For more information contact Jan Murphy MRSS who works at Chelsea Natural Health Clinic on Tuesdays between 2.30pm-8pm using the form, or
contact the Chelsea Natural Heath Clinic to book time with Jan. Feel  free to ring her for a chat on 07886655705

. If you are too busy then just drop Jan a line on and she will get back to you as soon as feasibly possible.
Jan very much looks forward to meeting and treating you all.


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