An easy way to relax your shoulders (and the rest of you)…

Do you want to learn very quick, simple and effective way to relax your shoulders (and in doing so relax the rest of your body)?


This simple technique works best when you are standing or sitting as we need gravity to be pulling down on your shoulders.  You can do it when lying down, but I’d suggest learning it when upright.

First thing you do it lightly place the tip of your tongue on the gum behind your two top front teeth, just above the gum line.  Maintain just enough tension in the tongue to keep the tongue in place.

Now what you do is imagine there is a line down the middle of your tongue from back to front, ending at the point of your tongue in contact with the gum.  Focus your attention onto this line and be aware of the tension in this part of your tongue whilst simultaneously allowing the rest of your tongue to relax.  You should feel the sides of your tongue soften and drop, and if you then “allow” it to happen, you will then feel your cheeks relax, then the sides of your neck, then your shoulders.  Allow this wave of relaxation to continue down your body maintaining your awareness of the midline of your tongue and become aware of the relationship between this midline and your spine.  You can do this by imagining the (mid)line in your tongue extending from the back of your tongue down your throat, into your spine  and down into your pelvis. What we are looking for here is a sense of the spine being held upright and straight with minimal effort whilst everything else to the side softens, relaxes and rolls down.

If you are finding it hard to do, then try this.  Raise your arms out from your sides so they are level with your shoulders.  When you are ready, slowly lower your arms at the same time as you try to get the sides of your tongue to relax.  It might take a little practice, but I promise you it works a treat.  Once you’ve felt it once, you won’t forget the feeling.  Keep repeating the technique and soon it will start to “stick”, offering longer lasting benefits. Let me know how you get on…[button link=”” subject=Philip Waldman” color=”green” target=”_blank”]Email Philip[/button].

Best wishes

Philip Waldman D.O. FSCCO.

Registered Osteopath and Cranial Osteopath, and Director / co-founder of Chelsea Natural Health

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