HCG Ultra Diet Drops


It has been brought to our attention that a web site selling HCG Ultra Diet drops is linking to our web site.   We have no knowledge of HCG, their products or business practice.   We know not whether HCG are legitimate or not and have never met or come into contact with the company before.

The reason that a link to our site appears at the bottom of their web site is that they are using a freely downloaded web site template that was originally designed for us.   Our link is permanently embedded in the template and neither we nor they can remove it.   We have no control over who uses this template and in no way endorse or are responsible for the actions of any company, person or individual that use the template.   We are unable to stop this site using the template and we can not force them to stop using it.  It does appear that HCG products are available from other web sites so should you have any questions about the products please direct them to those running the sites.

If you have any questions about HCG I am afraid we are unable to offer any answers.   We knew nothing of this until someone called us asking for details.

We are however a legitimate and well respected London based natural health clinic, so should you have any questions about your health our team of practitioners will be happy to help in any way we can.

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