Celebrating the life of Craig Coman

Celebrate Craig Coman on 20th February in Chelsea, it is a chance to talk about the man, without him arguing back, and to celebrate the contributions he made to us and to life.  We have yet to finalise a venue, but to help us plan please could you visit our Facebook page and like us, so that you are kept up-to-date with news of the venue and timings.

Saturday 20th February has been chosen to celebrate the life of Craig Coman, who tragically passed away last month after a short illness.
There will be gatherings in New Zealand on this day and we would like to do the same here.
It will be a chance to toast the man, to share our stories of him without him answering back and to remember him as we hope he would approve of: with a gathering of friends and a bevvie or two.

So if you are able to join us in the afternoon of the 20th February at a venue yet to be found please let us know by clicking the “Going” button on this Facebook page.  All further details of the Coman Day will unravel there.

Simon and Philip


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