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Chelsea Natural Health ClinicBased almost opposite the Chelsea and Westminster hospital on the Fulham Road in Chelsea, we are home to a large collection of dedicated, experienced and talented practitioners (we aren't sure what the collective noun is for a group of practitioners, but please feel free to make suggestions). We have too many different therapies to list in this section, but to name a few how about Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Sports Therapy, many different types of massage, Shiatsu, Reiki, Podiatry and Chiropody, Hypnotherapy, Counselling / Psychotherapy and Nutritional Therapy? A full list is available here.

We are open 7 days a week, from 9am - 9pm weekdays and 9am - 6pm at weekends. Please do browse the site but do feel free to call us on 0207 352 3087 if you have any questions.Our goal is to provide to the highest standards, a comprehensive portfolio of complementary, holistic and natural health care treatments to our clients in Fulham, Chelsea, London and the rest of the, well whole wide world.


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Alcohol, is it worth the risk?






A new scientific study has shown that alcohol is the leading cause of 7 different types of cancer’s! Is it worth the risk? Read on…

Did you know that alcohol is a direct cause of seven forms of cancer and even low to moderate consumption is a risk?

Evidence accumulated over recent years in the scientific journal of Addiction, implicates alcohol in the development of breast, colon, liver, oropharynx, larynx, oesophagus and rectum cancer.

Growing evidence has also suggested that alcohol is likely to cause skin, prostate and pancreatic cancer.

The highest risks are undoubtedly associated with the heaviest drinking, but drinkers experience a considerable burden with low to moderate consumption.

In February, Prof Dame Sally Davies, the chief medical officer for England, caused a stir by warning women that drinking alcohol could cause breast cancer. She told a parliamentary hearing: “Do as I do when I reach for my glass of wine. Think, do I want to raise my own risk of breast cancer? I take a decision each time I have a glass.”

More positively, there is some evidence that drinkers who give up alcohol could reverse their risk of laryngeal, pharyngeal and liver cancer, and that their risk reduces the longer they avoid alcohol.

If you have any questions, are in pain or would simply like to talk to me about your problems, then please contact me,

Warmest regards,


Zahir Chaudhary, BA (Hons), BSc (Hons), ND, M Ost.Med



 Contact me on T: 0792 100 4705,  0208 423 6209,  0207 352 3087 Email Zahir.

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What is the solution to great skin?




Which part of your skincare routine do you prioritise..?Most of the population will prioritise moisturisers in their skincare routine as it is believed that out of every skincare product we could use on our skin this is the step which serves the most impact. I have witnessed another step in the routine that has a far greater impact and it’s right at the start!

Why do we cleanse..?

The obvious answer to this of course is for clean skin. Yes Cleansers will clean but is one cleanse enough..?
There are other reasons to cleanse and they are to soften and prepare the skin making it more receptive to the following steps in the routine.

Is one cleanse enough..?
No is the direct answer and the reason why is because on our skin is a buildup of various residues that are water-soluble and oil-soluble along with the environments dirt, grime and bacteria. It is also wise to use two different cleansers to cater for all residues on the skin. Certain textures such as cream, milk and oil-based cleansers enable you to massage the skin and breakdown the build up that is then effectively removed with a cotton or bamboo cloth. Those textures will also attribute to a much softer and conditioned skin rather than one that is squeaky clean and parched. There should be no side effects of a cleanser ie: Cleanse does not mean stripped of all natural oils and dehydrated leaving the brain to assume it’s dry and send more oil that only builds up creating an oily/dehydrated skin type. It means clean and prepared.

When is it best to cleanse..?

Am and pm is the short reply. Let me explain exactly why; well at the end of the day we have make-up, grease, grime and bacteria build up so we remove it to provide a clean canvas with which to apply further products. In the morning our skin has produced sebum (oil) and sweat as the skin is naturally an excretory organ. These residues that happen overnight as we sleep can contribute to breakouts of spots at any age and so it is essntial to cleanse in the morning for a clear, flawless complexion.

Cleansing Tips:

  1. In the morning cleanse once with a cleansing milk or cream and remove with a cloth.
  2. In the evening cleanse twice, once with a milk/cream followed by a cream/oil.
  3. Massage the product with small and circular motions working into every contour and crease in to the skin.
  4. Follow a Cleanser with a tonic to remove any hard water residue to prevent the build up of limescale on your skin to prevent further dehydration.
  5. Use warm water on your cloth and buff the skin so you never have to exfoliate again!

Learn tips specific to your skin with Facialist Claire Robilliard from The Better Wellbeing System.


For more information, bookings or email:

Contact me via Email Claire or call 0207 3523087.



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Shin Tai Shiatsu massage clients needed for case studies



Reduced price and limited availability.
Offer ends mid July 2016.

What I offer:  60mins of a deep relaxing and opening Shin Tai Shiatsu session. Jan Murphy Shin TaiYou remain fully clothed, have two clear focuses to work with in mind and commit to the experience.

What I require from you:  A commitment of 4 sessions on a fortnightly or monthly basis to enable me to build a strong case study.

The fee: Only £55
RRP £75

Guarantee: To feel more open, relaxed and rejuvenated.


Interested?  Contact our Shiatsu Specialist / Ear & Facial Acupuncturist,

Contact me via Email Jan

Book now

or if you wish a more personal approach, call me on 0788665570

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Correct Position of Car Seat Head Rest


We spend a lot of time in cars.  But do you know how to correctly set the position of your headrest to minimise the chance of whiplash should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident?  To find out more, Read on …

The job of your car seat and headrest is to “catch” you and your head in the case of an accident.  If it
isn’t correctly positioned it can be of no use, or even make matters worse.  Let’s start with the correct headrest position.

The idea position for your headrest is for the top of the headrest to above the level of the top of your head, and for the distance between the back of your head and the headrest being as small as possible.

Correct Position

During an accident, if your head is thrown backwards, the headrest will catch the head before it moves too far backwards (relative to your mid-back), preventing too much distortion in the lower neck (for this is where the tissues are mainly injured in the case of whiplash, despite you thinking it might be the upper neck).

If the headrest is too far back, the neck will bend backwards too far.

to far back

If the headrest is too low, as your head is being forced backwards, it will roll back over the top of the headrest, increasing the torsion and strain in the neck even further.


These days, modern car seats can have all sorts of additional protection built into them, such as active headrests that are pushed forwards in the event of an accident (either by a sprung-loaded mechanism or small explosive charges like the ones in an airbag).  Seat belts can have mechanisms the pull them very tight in an accident, and of course in the steering wheel and around the car there are airbags.  These tools are aimed at reducing the amount of movement your body makes during a crash, and this reduces the stress and strain on your tissues.  To finish with, here is a nice diagram showing the recommended distances from the back and top of your head.  Look how small the “good” area is compared to the “marginal / poor”


So, next time you get in your car, take a moment to check where your headrest is, as I’d say it is more than likely positioned in a marginal or poor position.   Any questions please do ask, otherwise best wishes….

Philip Waldman D.O. MSCCO. 

Registered Osteopath and Cranial Osteopath, and Director / co-founder of Chelsea Natural Health

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Email Philip.





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Free Mindfulness Taster Sessions


meditation mindfulness chelsea natural health london fulham road sw10

This summer I will be holding several free Mindfulness taster sessions for anyone curious about this thing called Mindfulness and those interested in doing the new 4 Week Mindfulness course which begins in September 2016.


Mindfulness enables you to change your relationships with your thoughts, emotions and physical self. Through regular practices you will learn how to be with your experiences as if for the first time, without judgement, pressure or wanting it to be different. We can learn to bring a sense of equanimity, patience and freedom to ourselves more of the time.


So if you are interested in bringing more control, choice and freedom into your life in just 4 classes then come to one of the tasters which will be on a Wednesday evening and a Saturday morning.

To register your place or for more information please Email Simon, stating which taster you prefer, Wed pm or Sat morning, or call me on 07932 393972 for more information.


For more information on Mindfulness Courses and Simon’s treatments click below
Simon Heale
Mindfulness Teacher
Sports and Remedial Therapist


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