Shiatsu Massage for Pregnancy and Birth

Shiatsu massage for pregnancy with Jan Murphy in Chelsea at Chelsea Natural Health Clinic, fulham road, sw10
A pregnant woman has special needs as her body changes with the developing baby. Shiatsu massage, when properly applied during pregnancy and labour, is soothing, safe, natural, and effective.

Shiatsu massage can safely eliminate or reduce many of the normal discomforts of pregnancy including: backache, fatigue and tension, sinus congestion, headaches, neck and shoulder problems, muscle cramping, and swelling of hands, feet and legs.

Ten Top Benefits of Shiatsu during Pregnancy

Shiatsu massage helps the body eliminate waste products through the lymphatic and circulatory systems thereby reducing fatigue increasing energy
Shiatsu massage aids circulation and reduces the work load on the heart which assists in keeping blood pressure in check
Shiatsu massage stimulates glandular functions which stabilise hormones

Shiatsu massage relieves the normal discomforts of pregnancy-backache, leg cramps, headaches and oedema (swelling)
Shiatsu massage increase circulation which brings more oxygen and nutrients to cells (thereby reducing varicose veins) and to your baby’s cells providing your baby with better nourishment
Shiatsu massage soothes and relaxes nervous tension which helps you to sleep better
Doctors and midwives agree that a relaxed mother will have a healthier pregnancy.
Shiatsu massage relaxes tense muscles and tones loose muscles,cramping, knots, tension, tightening , stiffness and muscular discomforts can be alleviated with Shiatsu massage,
back labour can be relieved with proper massage techniques to the sacrum area
Shiatsu is an ideal therapy to help you cope better with stress and physical discomforts of pregnancy. A healing, caring touch is comforting. Always check with your GP as well as your Obstetrician prior to Shiatsu massage and select a trained pregnancy Shiatsu massage Therapist.

In conclusion, enjoy a Shiatsu massage for a healthier, happier pregnancy and childbirth experience.

Shiatsu massage is the perfect way to relax, decrease stress, relieve physical discomforts and bring you a deeper connection to your baby.

Should you have any questions, feel free to call Jan Murphy on 0788 6655 705 or use the form below to email her.

Her website also gives you more understanding of her training as a therapist and background as a person

Jan works at The Chelsea Natural Health Clinic on Mondays and also available on an ad hoc basis (please contact for further details)



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