Shiatsu in Chelsea with Jan Murphy MRSS TBCCT at Chelsea Natural Health Clinic, 208 Fulham Road, SW10
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Shiatsu, like most traditional Oriental medical practices, is a complementary therapy that addresses at once the body’s physical, emotional, psychological and energetic systems.

The Japanese healing art of Shiatsu (literally translates to ‘finger pressure’) is based on more than 3,500 years of Asian medicine and modern anatomy & physiology theory.

Shiatsu helps to restore the physical functions of the entire body, aiming to create total homeostasis.

Let’s work together to create a stronger body!

Can Shiatsu & Bodywork alleviate pain?

Yes absolutely. we regularly assist my clients in reducing pain, relieving stress, strengthening the immune system and improving their general overall health and well being.

Shiatsu has been known to:

* Reduce the amount of stress in your life
* Alleviate any aches or pains
* Lessen the effect of joint problems such as arthritis
* Help to regulate menstruation and alleviate painful cramps
* Help to deal with sports injuries
* Correct posture and any part of the body that is out of alignment
* Help to relieve pain during pregnancy and/or childbirth
* Help to manage emotional difficulties such as depression, anxiety or addictions.

How will you know what I need?

With over 3,000 years of theory, we have been trained to specifically tailor each treatment to restore the balance of the body, taking account of your overall health and current circumstances.

By addressing the underlying causes of discomfort, you may find that not only are symptoms alleviated, but that you also achieve an overall feeling of well being.

Shiatsu allows you to take control of your life by taking control of your diet, nutrition & guidance given to you.

For your treatment

Please remember to wear warm, loose, cotton clothing to your appointment as Shiatsu is given fully clothed.

Shiatsu bodywork is traditionally given on a floor-based futon but we occasionally work on tables, as this is convenient to many of our clients. Please share a preference if you have one.

The session generally lasts for 1 hour yet 20 and 30 minute slots are available for the busier parent/business person and 90 mins for those able to experience the deeper level of Shiatsu.


Prices & Bookings

Jan Murphy


Initial Consultation £105 for 75 minutes

£85 –  60 minutes

£50 – 30 minutes

Other treatments

Auricular  Acupuncture

£85 – 60 minutes

£50 – 30 minutes

Cosmetic Facial Shiatsu
£120 – 75 minutes

Cosmetic Facial Rejuvenation 
£120 – 75 minutes

Shiatsu and Facial

£150 – 90 minutes 

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Practitioner availability

Jan Murphy
Availability: Mondays and also available on an ad hoc basis (please contact for further details)

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