Nutrition and Food Science

Nutrition and Food Science

Nutrition Education is important to have a healthier eating behavior. You and those around you will only benefit of your more nutritious food intake. How many times do you think about food or talk about it with your friends and family? It is our daily pleasure to eat food. It is key for our survival. Why not learn how to master this routine? There are indeed many tricks and shortcuts, but usually the healthier long-term goals are the winners!

Do you need to learn how to cook, shop, organise your pantry and plan your menus? It will be very positive to have a tailored diet for your needs and manage a current health condition. I would like to help you on improving your nutritional status and manage your symptoms. There are solutions and it is possible to feel better eating healthier. Improving the quality of your diet within your budget will be one more thing we could discuss at your next Nutrition Consultation.

How many of us count the foods with high sugar content we eat per day? Few of us do. We have become addicted to sweets and are surrounded by temptations wherever we go.

We know it will be best to choose vegetables and fruits and yet we do not do it…We prefer to ignore the heath guidelines and live a practical life, with instant satisfaction, sweet rewards and opening packages with ready to eat foods.

Sadly, this behavior will only bring us a host of health issues in the future.

Let’s identify them: increased weight, low immune system, inflammation, poor nutrient diet, increased toxic system, uncomfortable gut symptoms and more.

Stop right there! You may say, but how? Taking one step at a time.

How ready to do you feel about making changes in your behavior? You know the theory. You read about it, you search for it on the Internet, and yet…it is not easy… You need to prepare yourself to challenge the food system.  It is my job to equip you with the necessary tools to take action and change your behavior into a healthier one. This is a journey, are you ready?! I am and I would like to help you to improve your diet and promote health. Make your appointment today for a nutrition consultation at the Chelsea Natural health Clinic. No more excuses!


Prices & Bookings

Cecilia Linares



  • Initial Consultation ***discounted seasonal offer*** £100     60 minutes
  • Tailored Diet Plan             £100  60 minutes
  • Follow Up Consultation £65 (1st),  £50 (2nd or more) 40 minutes
  • Consultation and 2 follow-ups combo £250   BEST VALUE! 60 minutes, then 40 minutes
  • Weight loss program £150    (3 sessions) 60 minutes
  • Detox Plan £150    (3 sessions) 60 minutes
  • Mini Detox Plan  £45 60 minutes
  • Food Intolerance Test £60 40 minutes
  • Food Shopping Session £45 40 minutes


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