Naturopathy in Chelsea with Sinduja Sivarajan at Chelsea Natural Health Clinic, Fulham Rd, SW10
Naturopathy is a medical philosophy dating back 300 years and was the basis of medicine prior to pharmaceutical drugs. It is also known as “nature cure” because it only uses natural methods in its application. It is based on principles of nature to guide the patient back to health rather than focus on disease. If a person is toxic, weak or deficient in nutrients they will find it difficult to heal because they simply do not have the tools to do what the body requires.

In Naturopathy the body is seen as a triad of health with physical, nutritional and emotional influences all having an impact on the cause or continuation of disease. Any healing process requires vitality (energy) and tools (nutrients) to complete the task. As a self healing mechanism the body must have support in its attempt to get back to health. Detoxification, improved nutritional status, balance to the physical structure, as well as balance to the mind can all improve functions within the body. This is quite different from the “quick fix” culture we have today to alleviate symptoms.

The focus of Naturopathy is on regaining health not fighting disease which means the client requires an understanding of the problem in order to help themselves. They may be unaware of how to correct their posture, clean up their blood or deal with stress which means they will be unable to address the causative factors of their condition. Education and clarity in what they can do will empower them to be part of their recovery. This is what makes Naturopathy so powerful. The client is able to influence the cause and not just the symptom.

If you would like to try an alternative to the “quick fix” approach why not book a session with  Sinduja.


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£89 – 90 minutes

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£69 – 60 minutes

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