Jacqueline Labib

Jacqueline Labib IIC&M, Accredited Senior Coach, International Institute of Coaching & Mentoring, Diploma Personal Performance Coaching in Chelsea at Chelsea Natural Health Clinic, Fulham Rd, SW10.

jacqueline labib life coach chelsea natural healthWe all want to stretch ourselves in life and live fulfilling, happy and our most expressive ones. There are often ideas we have for ourselves and our lives, that we’d love to see happen, but the rush of daily life keeps us too busy to pursue them. Jacqueline offers a regular, accountable, supportive space within the calm yet energising environs of the Chelsea Natural Health Clinic to get in touch with the ideas for change in your life you have been somewhat pondering but not quite yet taken the steps towards it yet.

 Jacqueline is a Transformational Life Coach, there for an individual as guidance and support where opinions and advice is a no-go zone. It is a relaxed, unbiased and curious space which can help you find what’s best for you next in life and how to go about making it happen. From working with emotions to very practical ideas and exercises around career, relationships, new business ideas, internal and external conflicts, confidence and more she uses a range of life coaching techniques from the logistical to the holistic, meditative or imaginative, to support you to and through the changes you wish to see. Jacqueline works with both men and women, helping them get in touch with their ideas and emotions about what’s next for them in life. While she sometimes takes a problem-solving approach depending on the issue brought to coaching, she also uses creativity – imagination, playfulness and humour, to help you. And if you don’t know where you’d like to be in life, she helps you decide just that.

 For parents, she offers a service where shy, disengaged or unexpressive children can come in with parents to, through play and questioning-answering to an impartial adult, in the presence of their parent, express themselves more. This can be particularly useful around the time of divorce, separation or school change, the arrival of a new brother or sister, family loss or change, or other event for them. Through games or drawing techniques, simple questions and the presence of her therapy dog, Jacqueline manages to engage a child in expressing what they would really like to say to their parents, in the safety net of answering someone else’s questions, rather than feeling confronted by parents.

 Jacqueline works on the basis of an initial consultation to hear what’s currently happening in your life and any seeds of ideas for change you may have, to check your personal connection together and discuss how coaching might work going forwards for you.

 Availability: weekdays daytime and evenings, 11am to 7pm. Please contact Jacqueline if there is a need for meeting outside of these hours.


Initial consultation £80;

£100/session thereafter

To book an appointment with Jacqueline please Email Jacqueline

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