Hydrotherm Heat Flotation Massage

Hydrotherm massage is safe during all stages of pregnancy and will keep you calm in the time leading up to becoming pregnant and ease post-contraction pain following the birth of your baby.


Hydrotherm is a British design, and is the only massage system in the world that enables you to receive a supine massage 3-dimensionally through all stages of your pregnancy, supported with warm water cushions.

Claire Robilliard has been a massage practitioner since 1996, is a mother to 3 children and has been clinically trained in Hydrotherm Massage. Hydrotherm is a system with 20 years experience massaging clients with a wide range of ailments.

Touch in its many forms brings solace, relief of aches, pains and stiffness, and gives emotional support and reassurance. A knowledgeable and well-guided hand will make massage both beneficial and relaxing.

Claire also combines organic Aromatherapy oils to further tailor your experience.

Claire will provide an Online Consultation Form to complete prior to visit and will formulate a personalised treatment plan following your first treatment.



Prices and Bookings

Claire Robillard


Hydrotherm Massage

30 minutes £40

60 minutes £70

90 minutes £95

Hydrotherm Pregnancy Massage

£85 – 75 minutes 

Wellbeing Facial

45 minutes £45  

All treatments include a personalised oil blend to use at home.

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