Hot Stone Massage

with Alexandra Ross at Chelsea Natural Health, Fulham Road, SW10
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Hot Stone Massage has been in use for over 3,000 years.  Ancient Chinese, Indian and Native American civilisations used hot stones in massage to cleanse the body, soothe the mind and ground the soul.

The use of heat (thermotherapy) in massage prepares the musculature of the body allowing the therapist to work into deeper layers of muscle, creating a treatment that is both deeply relaxing and healing.

I use natural basalt stones that have been river tumbled and hand selected from lakes and rivers in America. These stones have been naturally smoothed and found washed up on river beds, holding an incredible energy.  Basalt is a volcanic (igneous) stone that is dark in colour due to the amounts of iron and magnesium it contains, these elements allow the stone to acquire, retain and emanate a consistent and soothing heat for long periods of time.

One stroke of a hot stone can be compared to 10 strokes of the therapist’s hand.



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Alexandra Ross
£80.00 – 60 minutes

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