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David Bertrand, Magnetism Energy Healing in Chelsea, Chelsea Natural Health Clinic, Fulham Road


Magnétisme Energy healing


”Magnétisme” is an ancient French Healing technique.

Throughout his life the human body is traversed by magnetic fluid. Traffic imbalances and magnetism generates various illness, pains … physical, psychological and physiological.

A magnétisme practitioner is someone who helps you regulate the flow of your fluid and restore your balance.


It is a very powerful technique and has surprising good results.


Some say it is a natural gift and most practitioners start doing it naturally on their friends and family then go for a training to improve their technique and experience. Some discover their gift early in life and some discover it later in life .


The session :

The magnétisme practitioner uses his hands on the patient fully clothed without touching him or her, to feel the pain and dispatch his energy to the patient.

He passes his hands on top of the injury (about 2 inches above the body)

The patients will feel the heat of the energy going through them even though there is no contact.

During the session the practitioner will use different technique of imposition of the hands, depending on the case.

Care list includes:

back pain, neck pain, muscle pain, 


sciatica, migraine, sinusitis, 

shingles, low energy

reboost energy after a trauma or an operation

and many others.



David has been healed few times by magnétisme practitioners and was always amazed by the results.

Until he discovered he could feel and locate other people’s pain and injury. He then realized he had also the gift to heal people. It was not long before everybody around him started to ask him to have a session to heal and relieve their pain.

David then went to  train in the French Alps with Jean Francois Dufournet.

He is now practising in London.


Contact : 07830 356 773

Price: £55 for 60 minutes




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