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Counselling and Psychotherapy at Chelsea Natural Health Clinic with Jasmine Jarchevska, Fulham Road, London, SW10

What is Counselling and Psychotherapy and what is the difference?

Jasmine Jarchevska Chelsea Natural Health Counselling and PsychotherapyCounselling and Psychotherapy are often considered to be interchangeable therapies and can overlap in many ways. Both are used to facilitate choice, change and/or reduce confusion and pain. They can help a client with developing their strengths, capabilities and confidence. It is possible to live a more fulfilling life with regards to love, work and play from psychotherapeutic work.

Counselling is often a brief, confidential treatment which focuses on a specific problem or behavioural pattern. Technically the word ‘counsellor’ means advisor and it involves two people working together to solve a problem. Derived from the ancient Greeks, psychotherapy’s literal meaning is to ‘nurse the soul’. It focuses on working with a client for a longer period of time, uncovering their thoughts, feelings and way of being in the world rather than a specific problem. Psychotherapy supports clients with loss of direction or purpose, dissatisfaction with life, difficulties and distress.

A psychotherapist is qualified to provide counselling, however a trained counsellor may not have enough training to provide psychotherapy.

Sessions are usually once a week for both counselling and psychotherapy and last for 50 minutes. Therapeutic techniques involve talking, mirroring, role playing, art/ drama/play therapy, relaxation pratices, visualisation and dreamwork. Techniques are only used when they suit the treatment, the client understands their use and they are willing to try them out.

Can I benefit from therapy?

Jasmine Jarchevska Chelsea Natural Health Counselling and Psychotherapy

People who benefit from counselling and psychotherapy have to be willing to look at themselves and consider the possibility that they are at least partly responsible for their problems. Therapy won’t work with people who are not motivated enough to put into practice the insights they have had for change.

Sometimes therapy can be dark before the light. Perseverance, commitment and trust are vital. During this period it can be possible to increase the amount of weekly sessions if discussed with the therapist.

Therapy is not advisable for people who are having psychotic episodes and in need hospitalisation.

Types of therapy


Jasmine individually tailors the approaches according to each of her client’s needs. She can work creatively with art material, dream work, role/sand play and also offers mindfulness, guided visualisations and meditations to support the therapy. Techniques are only used when they suit the treatment, the client understands their use and they are willing to try them out.

Sessions can be short term and solution focused or open ended, exploring deeper childhood issues, traumas and existential crisis. As a rule of thumb, a wise man once said, ‘If you have a problem in your life, you need counselling. If your life is a problem, go for psychotherapy’. The choice of therapy can be discussed in the initial consultation.

Rates and specialties

Jasmine is offering 50-minute sessions at the concessionary rate of £35. She specialises with adolescents (16+), young adults and parents struggling with depression, anxiety, family problems and relationship difficulties. She also works with early childhood issues and trauma, loss and loneliness, sex and love addiction or sexual anorexia (abstinence from intimacy), exploring life’s purpose and meaning, illness, eating disorders, body image, anger and grief, codependency, guilt and shame, connecting with our soul nature and (re) connecting to heart, abuse and neglect.

The work together will be supportive, confidential and compassionate. Jasmine looks forward to collaborating with her clients, exploring their inner and outer worlds and reaching their individual goals.

Why low cost?

Jasmine Jarchevska is registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy as a UKCP trainee therapist while she is in her final stages of completing her postgraduate diploma. Since beginning her training she has worked in the NHS, a children’s’ hospital, a personality disorder service and as a counsellor for a registered charity. With her extensive experience and ability to create trusting relationships where the client feels accepted and understood, her course director and supervisor support Jasmine with her private practice to work at a low cost fee until she completes the course next year.



Prices & Bookings

Jasmine Jarchevska

Counselling and Psychotherapy
£35 for 50 minutes

10 x 50-minute sessions for £300

To book an appointment with Jasmine, please email or call her on 07545913193 for availability

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