Integrative Psychotherapy

With Claire Di Guisto at Chelsea Natural Health Clinic

  Integrative psychotherapy, what is this?

You may have been thrown off balance due to sudden crisis – with a desire for understanding, support, and greater clarity, and a need for some immediate strategies.  Perhaps you’ve been accepting a situation for ‘too long’, suffering with weariness and stress. It could also be because even though you are functioning, you are feeling stuck and down on yourself and experience anxiety or depression,

Or it may be you feel you are stuck inside when it is sunny outside, or that you feel your heart has been frozen for a while.  If so, you may wish to use therapy to work on your relationship with yourself – and the quality of your life, or your ‘spiritual journey’.

Integrative psychotherapy draws on different approaches (Psychodynamic, existential, transpersonal. client centred, gestalt, cbt…) in order to best serve the client’s needs. Work is therefore different with each client.

But the aim is the same, It is to give you opportunities

To become conscious of your defence mechanisms,

To identify the disowned part of yourself ,

To enable you to discover your existing strengths

And then drawing on this knowledge,

To Witness  and validate  your efforts and achievements to get towards a more centred and fulfilled Self, reaching a sentiment of  being whole, therefore finding it easier to relate to people and to re- engage with the world. .  So why not give it a try?



Prices & Bookings

Claire DiGuisto

Counselling and Psychotherapy

My sessions last 50 minutes

The assessment is free, and the following sessions are £50. Cash or cheque only.

To book an appointment with Claire, please email or call her on 07780 445 206 for availability

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