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Hydrotherm Aromatherpy Massage & Wellbeing Facial at Chelsea Natural Health, Fulham Road, SW10

                                                                                                            Hydrotherm Explained…


 Hydrotherm is a British design and is the only massage system in the world that enables you to receive a massage 3-dimensionally, while laying supine with no need to turn over. You lay supported by two warm water cushions face up and Claire tailors a massage routine to provide you with the best outcome for you; freedom of movement, softened muscle tension, increased energy, improved stamina, pain relief and stress relief.  The Hydrotherm System is also suitable for pregnant women throughout all three trimesters.


What is a Wellbeing Facial?

A tailored and bespoke facial formulated specifically for your skin type, needs and optimum results!

Claire blends a series of genuinely natural products together to create a routine for you along with a synergy of Aromatherapy oils to enjoy a facial massage. All while laying supported by the Hydrotherm system.

Claire will educate you on your skin and how best to treat it, adapt your routine when needed so you can ultimately enjoy having great skin!  Claire has created a bespoke skincare range to support your home care routine – The Better Skin Formula.


What can a Wellbeing Facial be used for?

Each and every skin type!






Acne Rosacea*




Eye Puffiness

Lines & Wrinkles

Loss of Elasticity




*Please note that the facial will be adapted for Acne sufferers, as massage can spread infection.


What are the benefits of a Wellbeing Facial?

Improvement in skin health, circulation, texture, tone and natural glow! A reduction in aches and pains, puffiness and congestion.


Who is a Wellbeing Facial good for?

Those who want to improve their skin health

To ease headaches, migraines and sinus discomfort

To relieve stress in the jawline through stress or teeth grinding

To alleviate aches and pains in the face, neck and scalp

To ease puffiness around the eyes or on the face after surgery*

Ideal for teenagers to learn how to look after their skin naturally

To re-educate muscle tone

To improve blood and lymph circulation


“Yesterday and today was the first morning in months when I’ve woken up without backache which is usually so bad I find myself almost breathless! Already feeling like a new woman!!!” Jodie Huggins

“As a Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor, I have a great deal of respect for Hydrotherm massage. It manages to combine massage with gentle movement, thereby facilitating mobilisation of soft tissues in their myofascial lines. In this way, it links in well with Pilates and rehabilitation. In addition, the immediate thermal effect soon switches off the brain to pain and allows quicker relaxation for a more beneficial massage. It also makes massage more accessible to those who cannot, or prefer not to, lie on their front. Claire is a wonderfully skilled Hydrotherm massage therapist, with a gentle manner she is very attentive & thorough in her approach. Highly recommended.” Laura Sheppard

I’ve just had the most beautiful review on my skincare range by Beauty Blogger@HonestlyAine with a fabulous before and after pic too! Check out the video

I don’t think I could live without my monthly massage. Each one is different based on how I am feeling when I walk through the door.

Claire’s ability to listen and conjure the right mix of oils is amazing. I originally started to visit as a way to help me through the menopause, which is a helping enormously, but recently Claire has helped me to manage my grief after the sudden passing of my mother.

I fondly call her my alchemist, because each mix has always been spot on. I want to rave about how good she is, but there is also a part of me that wants to keep her all to myself.  Lisa Philpott




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Hydrotherm Massage

30 minutes £40

60 minutes £70

90 minutes £95


Pregnancy Hydrotherm Massage

75 minutes £85

All massage treatments include a tailored blend of certified organic Aromatherapy oils to take home.

Wellbeing Facial

45 minutes £45  Includes a chapter from Claire’s online ingredient course, an oil or cream blend to take home.

The Wellbeing Facial Experience £85 for 75 mins including massage to the hands & feet along with a hair treatment




Alternate Mondays 8:30 - 1:30 & 2:30 - 19:30

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