Carmen Suditu

Carmen Suditu Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner in Chelsea at Chelsea Natural Health Clinic, Fulham Rd, SW10.


Me and Reiki in a few words

Life offers us lots of surprises and I haven’t been an exception in her agenda.

10 years ago, I didn’t have any motives to turn my attention towards alternative medicine or spirituality being a graduate in Economics and with a full time job at a well-known, prestigious High School in my town.

It all began on the day my 11 years old son became ill out of blue and couldn’t walk anymore. That day was the start of my journey in Reiki, the journey to heal my son.

It was love at first sight and my first attunement it’s still vivid in my memory!

Throughout the years, due to numerous treatment sessions, study carried and experienced gained I loved Reiki more and with each day I can’t be grateful enough for everything that offers me.

Now, in 2017, my son is a student in Bioscience and I’m a Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner acknowledged by Japan, Romania and United Kingdom.

I managed to learn from the best masters such that my lineage to be as closest to Micao Usui, but the most I’ve put in practice what I’ve learned being of use for those with depression, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, recovery after surgery, low self-esteem, terminal illnesses among many others.

Apart from my daily profession as a mother I share my passion as a Reiki teacher and a professional Reiki practitioner in Frinton-on-Sea, Colchester and London. The teaching method is the official Japanese one. 

I also hold workshops and practice meetings in United Kingdom and Romania. I offer treatments and group sessions in exchange for donation towards various charities in UK such as: MS-UK, Sue Rider, Cancer, Mind, Schools for children with special needs, Hospices for children and adults and more upcoming in the near future.

I’m acknowledged as a Master Teacher and Practitioner by Romanian Reiki Centre, Gendai Reiki Network Japan and Reiki Federation UK.


 What I have to offer


       1. One on one treatments

Using the techniques, knowledge and experience gained throughout time, the patient will receive the treatment suited for his certain situation and needs. Along with the patient will be established the necessary programs and steps required for his healing.

  1. Group treatments

Every participant to the group treatment will benefit from: treatment, establishing each one’s needs and learning some techniques that will be in hand on day to day basis wherever they’ll be. The beauty of a group treatment resides in exponentially multiplying the energies of the participants giving a much more powerful healing effects than an individual one.

  1. Courses

I teach after original manuals of Gendai Reiki and Komyo Reiki from Level I to Master.

      4. Workshops of practice and study

For all my students and for those who want to broaden their horizons



“Carmen is professional, empathic and a true healer. I highly recommend Carmen she is a beautiful person.”

Nicola Robinson


“Carmen is fantastic, very professional and has helped my daughter no end. Very highly recommend.”

Rachael Thomson


For further information or to book an appointment call Carmen


or Chelsea Natural Health Clinic at 0207 352 3087

Prices &Treatments:

One to One
Initial consultation
£75.00 – 90  minutes
Follow-up consultation
£60.00 -60 minutes
Group Treatments (6people)
£25.00 – 90 minutes
Follow-up consultation
Courses & Workshops
Contact Carmen for information









Carmen Suditu
Available by request

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