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Ana Melo is a Reiki Master and Teacher based in Chelsea, Chelsea Natural Health Clinic, Fulham Road SW10


Hello, my name is Ana Melo and I am a therapist based in London. I practice Ayurveda and practice and teach Reiki. My practice revolves around one main principle: help people connect with their true essence so that they can live up to their potential. I do this by removing interior 
blockages that hold us back from where we are supposed to be going or divert us in a path that is not ours. Consequently we feel out of sync with life, ourselves and the rhythm of happiness.

 My journey

In my early twenties life circumstances threw me into an inner journey and I was introduced to Reiki. It was life changing and taught me that everything we need is already within us. It helped me look at life in a harmonious way, no matter how uncomfortable the circumstances around me were, and see peace and beauty where she used to only see fear and struggle.

Since then I haven’t stopped practising. I have worked at St. Joseph’s Hospice, ad hoc for many schools around London through the Kids Company, permanently for Evelyn Grace Academy and at the Hale Clinic. I currently work at Chelsea Natural Health Clinic and at Evolve Welness Centre. I am a fully qualified practitioner and teacher having accomplished the Level I, II and Masters Levels of the Usui, Holy Fire system of natural healing. My lineage is very close to Dr. Mikao Usui (the founder of Reiki).

As a natural extension of my practice, I have developed my own style of Reiki: on top of the traditional technique my practice also incorporates elements of medical, emotional and mental clairvoyance, which means that when I treat a client I am able to see into the physical, mental and emotional body of the person. For example: I can detect any inflammation or injury that the client is not aware of; get information about the client’s current emotional state (their blockages, insecurities, vulnerabilities) and see how he/she copes with life in general. It is completely safe and she would never be able to see anything that the patient – consciously or unconsciously – is not ready to release.

My interest in Ayurveda came as a result of my intensive Reiki practice. I felt drawn to know more about the human body: where we store our emotions and feelings, the connection between body and mind and which organs are related to certain emotions and feelings. Ayurveda seemed to be the perfect next step, as it is a very complete science that links the spiritual, the physical and the psychological in an organic and natural way. Studying Ayurveda has made me stronger as a healer and I apply the knowledge of one therapy to the other.

I will be offering Ayurvedic Consultations from August onwards. At the moment I only offer Ayurvedic Head massage treatments.


During a Reiki session I will ask you to lie down fully clothed on a massage table. The Reiki session will start with a short facial massage. (The use of oil is recommended, but not essential, and is used at the client’s discretion). I will then place and hold my hands carefully and gently on a series of locations throughout the client’s body. This is done from head to foot, making sure to cover the 7 main chakras. At the end, i might finish with a short foot massage, depending if I feel the client needs extra grounding.

Apart from the cleansing and healing effect in my Reiki sessions I also offer spiritual and therapeutical guidance (specially in the first one, which works very much like a scan). Through Reiki I get the ability to see at which stage a person is and I am able to give advice and guide the person into the next stage of development. This might include the suggestion of other therapies rather than Reiki that I find to be more or as appropriate for the case in question. I am aware that different people respond differently to different therapies and my aim is to give the most complete and bespoke treatment to everyone that I work with.

Whilst Reiki is at the core of my practice, I do blend my knowledge of a range of approaches into my sessions, including aromatherapy, herbal medicine and Ayurveda. By doing this I am able to create the most bespoke treatment for every patient.


Ayurvedic Head Massage is the oldest form of healing and it predates all orthodox and other complementary medicines and therapies. It has been practised in India for over 5000 years. It was and is part of the Ayurvedic Healing System, which combines natural therapies and encompasses the mind, body and spirit. Ayurveda strives to restore balance and inner harmony to the mind, body and spirit to improve the health of an individual.

There are many benefits to an Indian Head Massage. Amongst others here are a few benefits:
– the touch sustained through massage can boost self-esteem,
– it boosts the immune system by stimulating circulation. In this way the mind (and consequently the body) is calm and energy levels are increased,
– increases the secretion of positive hormones such as serotonin and endorphins, which influence the state of mind, emotions of depression and well-being,
– the body slows down and as a result the mind slows down as well, increasing feelings of peace, calm, tranquility and stability. Problems won’t feel as daunting.
– helps with insomnia,
– relieves tiredness and improves the client’s alertnessclarity and focus

How does it complement with Reiki?

When doing Reiki I incorporate elements of Ayurvedic Head Massage (e.g.: the use of oil and a facial massage at the beginning of the treatment) as it helps the client to relax and quieten the mind more easily and quicker. On the other hand, when doing a massage treatment I also channel life force energy through my hands (Prana in India, Ki in Japan).I do this instinctively while I perform the massage and I also allocate time at the start and end of the session to channel Reiki to the client. For me, the physical and the spiritual go hand in hand and they both share the same ultimate aim of healing the client through channeling life force energy. It is just the way one does this that differs from treatment to treatment, putting more emphasis on the physical (Massage) or on the spiritual (Reiki). For this reason a therapist shall have the two approaches in mind and manage the balance in between according to each clients needs and requests. Different people require different approaches and even the same person might require different approaches on different days.

More information is available via

Reiki                                        Standard rate                         Initial consultation 90 minutes (strongly recommended)  £90.00
Initial consultation 60 minutes £65
Follow up 60  minutes £65.00

Supported Rate 60 minutes £50  (students, interns & job seekers)

By Donation 60 minutes – from £20 onFriday from 9 am to 1 pm 

Ayurvedic Head Massage
£70.00 – 60 minutes

By Donation 60 minutes – from £20 on Friday from 9am to 1pm 

Reiki & Ayurvedic Head Massage
Combined treatment £90.00 – 90 minutes


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or call her  on 07956 607731 for availability

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